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We are located in Rock Hill, South Carolina and started in December 2016 as an affordable option for small businesses  to have an online ordering/e-commerce system so that their customers can order their food or products from them online. We believe that online ordering makes things a lot easier for businesses and their customers, so we want to make that happen for restaurants and retailers at prices that are affordable. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us by telephone or by filling out the form. 


The Benefits of Having Online Ordering



Increased Revenue: Studies show that customers spend up to 30% more when ordering online, greatly increasing the revenue stream of a business. It also expands your reach to customers who prefer to order online as opposed to telling orders on the phone or shopping in stores, further increasing your business' income by a large margin. 


Convenience: It makes it easier for a business to provide customer satisfaction when customers are easily able to order online as opposed to trying to reach a business by phone and convey orders or going to the place of business if orders can be delivered or shipped to them. It also makes it easier on the business, particularly restaurants, when they don't have to answer the phone 24/7 but can simply be notified and receive detailed orders using our system (see how to get orders by clicking HERE). 


Facebook Integration: Social media such as Facebook is huge, so being able to incorporate online ordering into your Facebook business page will definitely improve your online ordering visibility and increase your customer base as well. 


Customer Data Tracking: With our system you will be able to log in to your account and view the names, email addresses, phone numbers and order details of every customer who orders from you online. You can search by dates and by food or products. This way you can see what things are selling better online and who is buying what in case you wanted to send out emails or contact loyal customers concerning deals, etc. 


Easy to Use System: With our system you will be able to log in to your account and make any necessary menu or product list changes, add pictures, make deals and many other configurations. We do not mind making changes for you, but you may find it worthwhile to also be able to do so yourself. There are video tutorials within the account and the owner works with clients personally as well. 


ALL features included: There is no extra charge for any features since all are included, such as customer data tracking, online deals, connection to Yelp reviews, reservation capabilities, and more! 


What is the Price? 


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